Whatever tool you use in the creative process, the real instrument is yourself. (Rick Rubin)

One Team. Concentrated competence.

In our team, engineers with many years of professional experience meet young specialists and complement each other perfectly. We combine different skills, qualifications and interests, such as a love of music, art and design, with the latest planning, measurement and simulation technology. We support each other, are communicative, respectful, create something new together and live the No Blame culture!
Ralf Bauer-Diefenbach
Dipl.-Ing. / Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter / Raumakustik / Pro Audio
Philipp Schwarz
B. Eng./ Geschäftsführer / Projektleiter Medientechnik
Dalit Hochberg
Odysseas Sariannidis
Dipl.-Ing. / Projektleiter Bauakustik
Melanie Margalith
Business Development Manager Middle East
Felix Maiworm
M. Sc. / Projektleiter Medientechnik
Martin Klüpfel
M. Sc. / Projektleiter Raumakustik
Julian Domann
M. Sc. / Projektleiter Raumakustik
Maximilian Richtermeier
Planung Medientechnik / IT
Ivo Hagenmaier
B. Sc. / Planung Bauakustik
Marius Seipel
M. Sc. / Planung Medientechnik
Reece Snape
Bachelor of Arts Esports / Planung Medientechnik
Julian Grönefeld
B. A. / Planung Raumakustik

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Realized projects


Our Philosophy

We work very closely with architects, interior designers, scenographers and designers, as innovative and high-quality spaces require a holistic approach. In our transparent planning processes, we pay attention to sustainability and develop individual solutions.
We focus on ensuring that our ideas are in harmony with the design. When developing the concept, we use current visualization tools and scribbles for renderings and representations of our visions. We are also passionate about future-oriented technologies such as immersive audio and hybrid working and learning environments. Because we want to create sustainable spaces for encounters that appeal to all the senses. This applies in particular to the areas of theater and entertainment.

Our Departments

For the successful implementation of projects, it is important to plan the departments of room acoustics, building acoustics and media technology in an integrative manner. This approach is particularly successful in video conferences, in the field of education and in modern working environments. Because high-quality media technology in combination with perfect room acoustics increases the ability to concentrate and improves health. This promotes communication, productivity and quality of life. This approach is also essential in the theater and entertainment segment.
Pro audio projects and complex sound reinforcement situations increasingly require support from the acoustics department in the form of immission calculations and noise protection concepts as well as an understanding of all trades.

Having this complete competence from a single source has many advantages, leads to success and ultimately saves time and money. We work on projects specifically in the individual departments, but preferably across the board.

Get in touch, we are happy to help you.