Pro Audio

Pro Audio

The Pro Audio planning department deals with the conception and implementation of audio systems in various event locations, including multifunctional arenas, unusual venues and temporary event areas. These venues have specific audio engineering requirements to ensure optimal sound quality, good speech intelligibility and an immersive listening experience for the audience.

We are at the forefront of immersive audio planning. This is an advanced audio technology that uses special speaker systems and intelligent audio technologies to precisely position sound sources in areas that create a realistic and natural sounding environment that surrounds the audience. The listener is fully integrated into the sound environment from every seat and gets a very authentic and natural multi-dimensional listening experience.


Pro Audio covers a wide range of applications such as large-scale PA systems for open air events and multi-function arenas, high-quality recording studios and sound control rooms in theaters and concert halls, as well as audio concepts for concerts, sporting events, trade fairs and congresses. The planning and installation of complex audio systems requires a careful analysis of the room acoustics in order to ensure a reliable prediction of the sound distribution.  Derived from this, perfect speech intelligibility and natural musicality in all areas. In addition, the systems must be flexible in order to meet the different requirements of the different events.

AMANO - Apartment Bar

Studio 14, The RBB Roof Lounge

Berliner Ensemble 3GO

Theater an der Parkaue

Rotor Film Babelsberg

Radialsystem Berlin

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