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Big Four accounting firms

Big Four Accounting firm

MMT Network supports “Big Four” auditing firms.The auditing firm is one of the “Big Four” and is one of the 4 largest auditing firms in the world. There are 27 locations in Germany with 12,200 employees. We support and advise the customer on all media technology issues and plan the locations and workspaces. This is about modern work and meeting rooms. Effectiveness and communication come first, as do hybrid work and events in the multispace rooms.
We have already successfully advised, planned and monitored the implementation of the Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Mannheim and Bielefeld locations. The Berlin and Dresden locations are currently being completed.
​ 46 / 5.000 Übersetzungsergebnisse Übersetzung Up to 100 meeting rooms will be created per location. Together with the customer, we developed and developed a cross-location user experience so that employees at each location can work consistently and easily and experience the same user experience.
This ensures maximum flexibility while taking effectiveness into account.
Some of the rooms are also used for events, training courses and conferences.


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